Gympass Snap Program Guide

Program Summary & Fact Sheet Gympass Partnership Updated for 2018 Benefit to Snap Fitness Clubs ● Opportunity to increase corporate users at minimal cost ● No administrative responsibility other than enrolling members ● Simple tracking and reporting features to help you manage these members and increase revenue Program Summary Gympass is the nation’s leading corporate wellness benefit. Gympass will connect Snap locations to thousands of corporate clients from all around the world. With a mission to defeat inactivity, we help employees find a physical activity to love. Beginning November 1, 2018, all U.S. Snap Fitness clubs will be included in the Gympass network, allowing corporate clients to take advantage of our clubs while generating revenue for you on a pay-per-visit basis. Under the terms of our agreement with Gympass: ● Gympass will pay Snap $40 per user per month to each Snap club, for Gympass users visiting 4 times or more in the same month (for users visiting less than 4 times, Gympass will pay $10 per visit) ● If a user visits multiple clubs, Gympass will pay Snap separately: for example $40 for a club and $40 for another club (or less if visiting less than 4 times) ● Gympass users are not restricted to a certain numbers of visits per month nor are they required to make a certain number of visits to keep their Snap membership. ● Snap Fitness will create a “Gympass” membership for users coming via the Gympass app and agrees to waive the enrollment fee and access card fee for eligible individuals. ● All Snap Fitness clubs will have access to the portal where they can see in real time the number of visits that Gympass users make to Snap clubs Program Contact ● Snap Fitness Technical Support: ● Snap Fitness Operation Support: ● Gympass: Promotion All U.S. Snap locations are able to accept Gympass users. Some of Gympass’ Corporate Clients will extend the benefit to the employees’ families meaning that they can visit your clubs as well. However, you can also offer them promotions to bring their family and friends to Snap clubs. Additionally, clubs have the ability to promote this partnership in-club through flyers, posters and brochures. Membership Details ● An enrollment fee and access card fee are never charged. ● Monthly dues are paid for by Gympass and the member is never directly billed through our monthly billing cycle unless they are being billed for additional services above and beyond the standard membership offering. ● The member pays you directly for any services not included in the standard single membership such as personal training, tanning or vending. You may then enter billing information into the member’s account. ● Whether married or single and living in the same home, each Gympass member must be enrolled separately as a single member and issued their own access card in order to be part of the program. You are paid for a member’s visits only when a card swipe has been registered in your door system. You will want to make sure that you educate your Gympass members on the importance of swiping their access card and checking in on the Gympass app. ● Members are allowed all of the same rights and privileges as all Snap Fitness members. ● If you have a member who pre-paid for membership dues before finding out that their employer offers Gympass at any point during a pre-paid membership, this is the procedure to handle them according to the contract signed between Gympass and Snap Fitness: 1. Create a “Gympass” membership: please see separate Fitware instructions 2. Freeze the members unused prepaid funds until the member is no longer eligible for Gympass 3. Refund the member the unused portion of their prepayment 4. Give the unused portion back to the member in “credit” to be used for personal training or some other fee based amenity (or maybe in this situation credit to extend the member’s wife membership?) It is solely up to your club on which option above you want to use in handling that unused portion of the member’s prepaid account. Reimbursement details ● Snap Corporate will deposit your monthly reimbursement from Gympass into your account. This happens around the 15th of each month and is combined with any other reimbursement you receive from other programs such as Silver&Fit, People’s Health, Union Pacific or At Your Best. ● You are reimbursed monthly for the club usage your Gympass members. ● Snap Corporate is responsible for providing Gympass the monthly attendance report. You do not have to submit anything. ● If a member does not use a club for a given month, you are NOT reimbursed for that membership that month but the member remains active in our database as long as he is a Gympass member. Enrollment Process ● A Gympass member views a directory of partnered health clubs and chooses your facility. ● On the first visit, the member will check in to your facility via the Gympass app on their phone. Once they do this, they will receive a 13 digit token ID that can be used as their identifier for you to use as part of the Fitware sign up process below. ● Once the registration is completed as outlined below and the Gympass member signs the normal waivers, the member should receive a normal swipe card free of charge. The cost of the key is included in their membership. ● From that day forward, the Gympass member will swipe in with their card like all other members as well as check in on the Gympass app. ● Reserve time for an equipment orientation and/or fitness consultation as usual. This will greatly help in retention of this individual to maximize visits and give your personal trainer the chance to get them on a personal training program. Fitware Instructions In Fitware you have to enter anyone who is a Gympass member entered with a “Single - Reciprocal” membership at a cost of $44.95. Form of payment should be listed as "Statement". You will then enter their member group as “Gympas US” and will ask the Gympass member for their 13 digit token. You will then enter that token where indicated below. Please continue to fill out the personal details as presented in the image below.   Sample Gympass Token View