Removing Employee from Club tier

Joel -

To remove an employee’s association from a particular club, follow these steps:

Part 1:

You will need to go to the club tier and terminate the Employee membership.


Part 2:

Go back to your OE tier.

  1.       From your Home Page, click View All Employees.
  2.       Click the icon in the Edit column next to the name of the employee you wish to remove from a club.

     3.      Click on the tab marked User Clubs:

     4. You will see a list of all club(s) to which the employee is assigned, similar to the following example:

5.       Click the icon in the Delete column next to the club for which you wish to remove this employee. This will not delete the employee; rather, it will simply remove their association with the selected club.

6.       Click Done when finished.

Note:  If you remove an employee’s association with all clubs, they will no longer be able to log into the system, until you assign them to at least one club.

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