Insurance changes for 2020 Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Snap Fitness clubs

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Good afternoon Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Snap Fitness clubs!

The purpose of this e-mail is to share with you some insurance changes for 2020 that may impact some (or many) of your members. I know many of you are aware already, but I want to make sure everyone has this information and understands what is changing.

BCBS of Minnesota: They have made the unfortunate decision to drop the $20 reimbursement program that we have become so familiar with over the past 14 years. Here is a message directly from BCBS:

Beginning 1/1/20, Blue Cross will no longer offer the Fitness Center Discount Program to its members.
Blue Cross is making this change to try and engage more members and urge them to be physically active.
This is especially important, considering less than ½ of the individuals in the U.S. get the recommended amount of aerobic activity. 
Blue Cross will not reimburse any workout dates after 12/31/19 for the Fitness Center Discount Program
They will continue to accept resubmissions in 2020 for workouts that occurred in 2019 provided they are within six months from the date of the original workout period. 
Blue Cross’ new steps-based Fitness Incentive program is available if the members' employer or program sponsor chooses to offer it.  
This program still allows members to workout at a gym, it’s just that it is no longer based on workout submissions but rather steps achieved
The member needs to demonstrate that through an online platform
Members with the new program will no longer be identified with a fitness logo.

Health Partners: They have made the decision to drop the $20 reimbursement program for those with a self-insured or small employer group plan. Those with a large employer group will still be eligible for the $20 reimbursement program if their plan includes it. For those who are losing their benefit, here are the 3 alternatives that Health Partners is giving them and how it relates to us:

Active and Fit: This is the same thing as Silver and Fit but for younger people. We accept this benefit and you enroll Active and Fit members into Fitware under Silver and Fit. If you need more information on this program, please let me know.

GlobalFit: this is a separate company and they are an unapproved vendor of ours, so we do not do business with them because of their very poor payment model. If they go this route, they won’t be able to use Snap Fitness any longer.

Wellbeats: this is a company that offers virtual fitness streaming options to consumers. This is an app that is being offered to them by Health Partners, free of charge.

The last big insurance announcement for 2020 is in regards to the senior population. We have one major carrier (BCBS of MN) who is switching from offering the Silver&Fit program to offering the Silver Sneakers program in 2020. Those with a BCBS of MN Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Platinum Blue or SecureBlue plan will be eligible for Silver Sneakers on 1/1/20. I highly recommend as always to log into your ASHLink Portal and review your Member Termination Report as well as logging into your Tivity Health portal and reviewing your Change of Enrollment Status report to find out which of your members benefits have been dropped so that you know who to contact to get new information for 2020.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am always here to help assist you with these changes.

Happy Holidays!

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