Insurance Memberships Standard Operating Procedure

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Insurance revenue can be a significant revenue generator in a local Snap Fitness Club.  The income varies depending on the participants and in all cases, based on the members visits to the club.

This document, the “Program Guides” for each program and the “Guide to Entering Insurance Information” documents are here to help the franchise / managers enter insurance correctly, audit insurance members and help increase visit count and therefore, revenue.

All of the above mentioned documents can be found in Fitware > ? > Insurance

This document primarily covers 100% dues discount members.

To increase revenue with insurance memberships, there are three components:

  1. Entering the membership and insurance information correctly
  2. On-boarding the member
  3. Understanding the art of the upsell & making the most of the relationship, all while creating a “results culture”.

Entering Insurance into Fitware: 

Where do I Edit in Fitware?        

  • Member Profile
  • Click on the pencil Icon, left of member profile

What should be edited: (Using the “Entering Insurance Information Guide” the four things that need to be edited in the “Member Profile”

  • Group
  • Insurance Company
  • Insurance Group Number
  • Insurance ID Number


  • There are three ways to find insurance members & visits
    • Fitware > Reports > Member Reports > Member Group Visits
      • This report links to the member
      • This report can be exported
    • Fitware > Dashboard > Club Audit (Scroll and look at bottom)
      • Easily Found
      • Great for quick access and reaching out to member, not coming in.
    • Fitware > Reports > Financial Reports > Insurance Report
      • This report links to the member
      • This report can be exported


Paying attention to detail & common mistakes:  (*When entering for the first time or editing for correction, make sure to use the “Entering Insurance Information” guide).

  • Use the program name, not the insurance name.
    • Example use “Ash Silver & Fit” not Medica, Health Partners etc. Use “Silver Sneakers (Tivity Health) not Humana Vitality or UCare.
  • Prime – is 16 Digits and primarily stars with 0555, occasionally, 2300
    • When verifying on the Tivity Portal, copy and paste numbers
      • Prevents errors in typing numbers
    • Silver Sneakers is 16 Digits and starts with 2300
    • Ash Silver and Fit and Active and Fit – 8 Digits
    • Only single memberships (No joint or family).
    • Missing the group name, which is what gives the client the 100% dues discount. (How can my Silver Sneaker etc. be delinquent? This is why).  Void out account balance under the current due tab and add group name to fix this.
    • For all 100% dues discount members along with At Your Best members, the numbers in these 2 fields should be the same.
      • Insurance Group Number
      • Insurance ID Number

How do I find if people Qualify for a program? (Most Common Below) Use the individual program guides for more specific details.

  • For Silver Sneakers and Prime:
    • Tivity Fitness Portal – (Can be found) Snap Portal > Supplies and Services > Healthways Fitness Portal > Eligibility icon
      • Name
      • Birthdate
      • Or if they actually provide their 16 digit Silver Sneakers or Prime number, you can use the Quick Check in the Tivity Portal to verify that they do still qualify with that number
      • When looking up by name, you must use their “proper full name” as it appears on their insurance card. For example they may go by “Chuck” but their name on their insurance card might be Charles and they will come up as ineligible in the Tivity Health Portal if you type in Chuck.


  • For Ash Silver and Fit & Active & Ft: Use the Ashlink Portal – If you do not have the Ahlink Portal:

The ASHlink portal is a great resource that you can use to verify eligibility of Silver & Fit members as well as run termination reports on any given day to see who has lost their benefit in a given time frame. Silver & Fit will set up this website for each club upon request.

To request a log-in and password, call 1-877-329-2746 and press option 4.  You should tell the rep that you would like to activate your ASHLink account. Once you have your ASHLink portal activated, login and go to Member Management à Member Eligibility Search. Then enter:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Or Check using Ash Fitness ID if they provide this
  • When looking up by name, must use “proper full name”

Each month you should continue to look to see if members drop off the eligibility list on Silver Sneakers & Prime by using the reports on the portal. 

Eligibility changes: Tivity Portal > Reports > Change of Enrollment Status > Change the dates

Invalids: Tivity Portal > Reports > Utilization > Click on Activity Status Reason > (Fix or delete those that say “Invalid”

For all other programs monthly,

                Request the payment & change of eligibility report:

This can be done by contacting the Snap insurance administrator Danielle Svobodny at,

When editing and or auditing mistakes, there are times that you may be able to re-submit for mistakes.  Report re-submits to the insurance administrator, Danielle Svobodny.

Evaluate the “Prime Memberships” looking at the amount of those that come in and the amount of funds collected:

  • Consider dropping the Prime Membership program administrated through Tivity.
  • Investigate / Do the math
  • $25.00 paid to Insurance Company, by the member.
  • Option can be to terminate these members and have the member pay you directly $25.00

If you chose to drop the Prime program use the following steps:

  • E-mail the insurance administrator (Danielle Svobodny) and let her know you are dropping the program.
  • Send a letter to the members
  • Sign your members up at the $25.00 rate if they comply
  • Make sure to remove all insurance information from their account and don’t forget to remove Prime Insurance from the group category, so they are not 100 % dues discount members any longer


The value and visits that are paid for by insurance company:

  • Prime Memberships – $2.75 x 12 = $33
  • Silver Sneakers Memberships – $2.85 x 8 = $22.80
  • Ash Silver N Fit – 1 visit $30.00
  • Ash Active N Fit – 1 visit $32.00
  • Optum - 1 visit $32.00

There are other insurance plans as well that are specific to certain markets. If not listed above, you will find the information in the Fitware Help Desk à Insurance or you can always reach out to the insurance administrator (Danielle Svobodny), your BPS or Snap Fitness Tech Support for help.

How to increase revenue with insurance members?

First, we need to understand that seniors have time, friends & relatives, often times money and certainly have a need to work out.

Secondly, we need to understand that a senior / insurance membership should not be treated any differently in regards to the sales process or ramp-up process.  The only difference is the monthly membership dues is not paid by client but is paid by the insurance company.

When an insurance member comes in to Snap Fitness, we should transition away from talking about insurance and instead talk results.

  • Question: What brought you in today?
  • Answer: My insurance agent told me to come in and sign up.
  • Transition: Fantastic, other than putting a card in your pocket, what would your desired outcome from having a gym membership be?

After they Share: Peel the onion! 

  • Transition again:

                                             Membership – Free

                                             Card – Free

                                             Enrollment Fee – Free

Results – does have an investment, it starts with, time and knowledge.  Begin down this path, with an expectation of what kind of time it will take to meet their goal.

**Watch the sales webinars and ramp up webinars!       


Other things to do that will increase visits.

  • Coffee / Social – once a week or once a month provide coffee and fruit in the morning. The gym can be more than just fitness for these seniors. It can also be a social time for them to chat with other seniors.
  • (Rewards Card) Bingo Card – Reward for 8 / 12 visits or more.
  • Meet & Greets * Pair People up
  • Live demonstrations – Group Orientations
  • Walking club, Walking trails
  • Bus tours
  • Senior Classes
  • Senior Challenges
  • Complimentary chair massages
  • Senior Education – Water, aging, osteoporosis
  • Date night
  • Community Events (Start or meet at the center).
  • Partners in the community; Insurance agents, Chiropractors

Insurance programs where you get paid in full on one visit, the following strategy may be used and significantly increases revenue.

  • Investigate – Who did not visit
    • When approx. 25th of the month
    • Member visits can be found on the club audit
  • Prepare – Have gift cards on hand (Build relationships)
  • Make phone calls, set up appointments (Just like a sale).
  • *Make Magic happen:
    • When they stop in, “When I knew you were coming in today to pick up your gift card, I looked at your account and noticed you haven’t been coming in much, what can we do to change that.
      • Transition into meeting need
      • Follow up appointments


Another strategy to increase revenue is to:

Hire a “Senior Liaison” (When the total possible visits, warrants it).   A senior Liaison is a person who works with your seniors to increase visits. 

  • Characteristics of a good Senior Liaison are:
    • In most cases not your manager!
    • Senior
    • Friendly and Outgoing
    • Work-out very often, hangs out at the gym
    • Transformation story
    • Love you and your fitness center
    • Super positive with a “you can attitude”
    • Someone who won’t put up with excuses and be able to hold someone accountable.

What is a “Senior Liaison” responsible for? Primarily for relationship building and all of the initiatives mentioned.


How to increase insurance revenue?

Key Points:

Enter Memberships Correctly

Audit your memberships effectively

Free is not free, sell a transformation membership and start your seniors on a journey, don’t just put a card in their pocket.

Hire a senior Liaison, when the potential revenue warrants it.


Snap Fitness Portal, videos and webinars, Portals referenced in this document, your BPS, and Danielle Svobodny at

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