Release Notes for November 14, 2018

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Sprint 16 Release Notes

Release date: Nov 14, 2018

Sprint 16 release work not including items that were released in a hotfix during the sprint. Development work went from Oct 22, 2018 – Nov 2 with QA and UAT from Nov 5, 2018 – Nov 14, 2018.


  • Fixed: Duplicated Hong Kong Testimonials
  • Fixed: Location pages not rendering correctly in Chrome
  • Fixed: Web: Errors when clicking on "Join"
  • Fixed: Web: Benelux Locations Not Showing
  • Fixed: Web Online enrollment message fixed
  • Fixed: Snap Fitness website redirects
  • Fixed: International sales leads not receiving the right auto-responder email
  • Fixed: Fitware price change error
  • Fixed: refund bug
  • Fixed: Display door access history for date range picked

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: unchecking online pricing checkbox in Fitware should not clear out previously entered prices
  • Fixed: Some club Locations not showing up on -Spain
  • Fixed: Display employee hours only for date range picked on Employee Time Clock Report
  • Fixed: Transaction not updating as 'Paid' for PT sessions

 Development work

  • Update Class Schedule information to factor in time zone
  • Location data refresh to replace old cached keys
  • Limit postal code gym searching to the current country
  • Fit Pass age validation for below 21
  • Integrate tax calculation into online enrollment
  • Add scheduler updates for recurring FOD classes.
  • Gympass: Deployment script fixes and Initial Go-live
  • Fitware: update Fitware enrollment to include GDPR opt-in/opt-out categories
  • Product request: Upload requested email list to sendgrid for Various Brands.
  • Product request: Upload requested email list for updated club and Owner list.
  • DW - Convert Club Audit Memberships, Membership Activity, Membership trends sprocs to the new data warehouse model
  • Product request: Upload requested member engager banners.
  • Allow pricing on club pages to be removed by country.



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