Release Notes for October 31, 2018

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Sprint 15 release work not including items that were released in a hotfix during the sprint. Development work went from Oct 8 – Oct 19 with QA and UAT from Oct 22 – Oct 31. This cycle of development also included to deployment of all of the international websites to on unified platform with the US and Canada sites. This deployment took place on Oct 8, 2018 and impacted the number of hotfixes that were required during this sprint.


  • Fixed UK online enrollment issue.
  • Fixed vending invoice issues.
  • Fix Automapper Issue when Sending Enrollment Emails.
  • Add state codes for Australia.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Enable refunds on online enrollments.
  • Fixed: Charge the correct pro-rated value for UK online enrollment.
  • Fixed: Duplicate Items on corporate billing invoices.
  • Update phone numbers to website.
  • Fixed: Display Dues discount in %

 Development work

  • Update International Fit Pass emails for localization.
  • Complete deployment activities for Web 2.0.
  • Create online enrollment emails in traditional Chinese
  • Investigate why recurring FOD events don’t display accurately on the website.
  • Investigate how to update PT session statuses accurately.
  • Ongoing Data Base support.
  • Update fit pass logic.
  • Update cancellation confirmation pop-up.
  • Updated Online Enrollment/Fit Pass Country - international launch.
  • Added Queensland State code to supported states list.
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