Release Notes for October 17, 2018

Shannon McHugh -

Sprint 13 and 14 Release Notes

Release date: Oct 17, 2018

Sprint 13 and 14 release work not including items that were released in a hotfix during these sprints. (This work excludes all the work done towards Web 2.0 International launch). Development went from Sep 10- Oct 05, 2018 with QA and UAT from Oct 8 - 12, 2018.


  • Fitware: Document signup reminder emails not going through
  • Fitware: primary payment method issue

Bug Fixes

  • User unable to access Prospect Engager
  • Fitware Member Billing: Amount box disappears when Switching from refund to credit
  • Fitware: Contract configuration - Membership Terms and Conditions - Preview - Club information
  • Fitware: PT-service - Expiration date is set incorrectly
  • Fitware: member: Domain verification for email addresses.
  • *Nullable Object Must Have a Value* Email Error
  • Web 2.0 US and CA: Online enrollment. Single base plan for online enrollment

 Development work

  • Fitware club session managment: Edit pt status
  • Member having next payment date for prepaid membership
  • MyZone Rollout: international - db work
  • Website: redirect and forward to
  • Tablet App: Current tablet to club app
  • Securities for our user and location microservices
  • Billing: Fix Corporate Billing by Club hangfire process
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