Release Notes for August 22, 2018

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Sprint 10 Release Notes

Release date: Aug 22, 2018

Sprint 10 release work not including items that were released in a hotfix during the sprint. Development work went from July 30 - Aug 10, 2018 with QA and UAT from Aug 15 - Aug 21, 2018.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Gymsales prospect creation error
  • Fix Bug in Corporate Tier Invoices
  • Customer Status Cleanup
  • Endpoint moved from the DoorController to the UserController (needed for MyProfile work)
  • Google Maps Quota Issue

Development work

  • Fit Pass Opt-Out: Define Fit Pass Cancellation Page API functionality
  • Club page editor: add the welcome message from franchisee portal to the locations micro-service.
  • End to End Web 2.0 US and Canada Testing
  • Enhance Member Search options in Fitware
  • Translating Database Merge Values
  • Subscriptions(SMS and EMAIL opt-ins) make available to each member in the enrollment process
  • Added New membership plans in production Fitware
  • Add Snap Fitness Turkey to Businesses




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