Membership Transfers and Reciprocity

Shannon McHugh -

There are 3 ways that an active member can transfer.  The system will not allow Prospects, terminated members, or members that have current dues on their accounts to transfer.

1.)The member can request a manual transfer by logging in to their  page.  Manual transfers are done around the 20th of each month.

2.)The member can transfer due to reciprocity* (which happens after two months of using another club more than their home club). Automatic transfers are done around the 20th of each month.

3.) Or if the club owns multiple clubs, they can request a transfer between their clubs that they own, by putting a support ticket in.

If the member has entered a request to transfer and it is before or after the 20th of the month you can either enter a ticket or call the support line and we can facilitate the transfer for you.




The club at which the member joined is considered the home club, and the monthly dues charged by that club are the dues paid. This changes, however, if the member uses another club more than their home club for two months in a row. Then, the membership is transferred to the other club it most frequented in the third month (usually around the 20th) and the member is charged that club's prevailing rate. This policy is covered under the Reciprocity clause on page two of the membership agreement.   Any transferred member is your member for two billing cycles. This measure is in place to reduce unnecessary transfer actions or paperwork should the member transfer again.

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