AARP Medicare Supplement (At Your Best) Insurance Guide

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This guide will cover eligibility verification, basic program summary, membership details, and how to sign up the member in Fitware. For further information contact Danielle Svobodny.


Eligibility Verification 

Before signing up the member it is recommended you verify the member's eligibility. You can verify eligibility by going to or by calling 1 (800)-523-5800.


Program Summary

The At Your Best program is currently being offered to plan holders of an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.


Membership Details

  • The program provides general access to facilities and waives the enrollment fee for eligible members. 
  • The At Your Best member pays Snap Fitness monthly membership rate of 50% of the retail rate that would be normally charged. This includes new as well as existing members of Snap Fitness. 
  • Optum pays Snap Fitness the remaining 50% of the retail rate if the At Your Best member visits Snapfitness 4 or more times within the calendar month.
  • You may charge to such member a one-time access card fee of the lesser of (i) $20.00 OR (ii) your normal access card fee if such fee is less than $20.00.


Fitware Sign Up Instructions

You will enter this member as a Single–Reciprocal member with dues set to your full regular rate. We have created a group within Fitware labelled At Your Best which will discount your member’s monthly rate by 50% when billing is run.

This program requires the membership to be Single-Reciprocal, no prepaid memberships. Please see image below as to how to properly enter the member's insurance information into Fitware. Please note it is important to fill in all the fields listed below (including the group field) so that your member is billed properly.



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