American Specialty Health (ASH Silver & Fit/Active & Fit) Insurance Guide

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This guide will cover eligibility verification, basic program summary, membership details, and how to sign up the member in Fitware. For further information contact Danielle Svobodny.

Please note a select few plans offer this same program called Active & Fit to their eligible members under 65 years of age. You will enrol these members the same way as Silver & Fit members under the same group in Fitware.


Eligibility Verification

Before signing up the member it is recommended you verify the member's eligibility. You can verify eligibility by going through your ASHLink portal. You can also contact ASH Fitness Customer Service at 1-877-329-2746, option 1.

Note: If you haven't activated your ASHlink account contact ASH Fitness Contract Services department at 1-877-329-2746, option 4. 

Program Summary

The Silver & Fit program promotes healthy ageing for group retirees and Medicare members ages 65 and older or on social security for two years or more of select health plans nationwide 

Membership Details

  • Each Silver & Fit member is guaranteed a monthly dues rate of $30 for a single membership as long as the member utilizes the club once during the month.
  • An enrollment fee and access card fee are never charged.
  • Monthly dues are paid by the health plan; the member is never billed.
  • The member pays Snap directly for all services not included in the standard single membership, such as personal training and tanning.
  • Whether married or single and living in the same home, each Silver & Fit member must be enrolled separately as a single membership. The program does not pay for family memberships. 


Fitware Sign Up Instructions

You have to enter anyone who is under an insurance group that pays for their entire membership as a Single-Reciprocal member with dues of $34.95 and form of payment Statement.  You will then enter their insurance information just as it shows below so that it fully discounts their monthly dues by 100% and doesn't post an invoice on their account when billing is run.



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