TeamViewer Installation Guide

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The following guide will assist in the installation of TeamViewer. If you have any issues during the installation process please email or call technical support 1-877-474-7080.

Please note that the last part of the installation process is to email your TeamViewer ID along with your club name and number to


Begin by downloading the attachment LiftTVDeploy, the attachment is located at the bottom of the page, save the file to a location.

Once saved run the program. A window will open (see photo) this is the silent installer. Do not close the window.
Once the install is complete the window will close automatically.


Locate the TeamViewer program and open it, you can do this by moving your cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen and hovering over the arrow icon (^). The TeamViewer icon is blue and white with a blue arrow in the middle. (see photo)

If you can't locate the program, you can search for TeamViewer13 in your search bar.


Double-click the icon to open TeamViewer if you haven't yet. A LiftBrands branded TeamViewer will open. TeamViewer will assign you a 9 or 10 digit ID.

*Note* It is important that you email your 9 digit ID along with your club name and number to




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