Release Notes for January 18th, 2018

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Feature 1 – Auto Renewal

When Fitware users are adding a new membership plan, they will now see that the auto-renewal is set to “Yes” on all available plans, including prepaid, home club, and long-term reciprocal contracts. The user will still need to enter the Renewal Monthly Dues. The member will then auto-renew into a month-to-month term contract.

For example, a single reciprocal-monthly on a six-month term contract will auto-renew into a month-to-month term when the six-month contract ends. The user will still have the option to terminate the member upon contract end date. 

NOTE: For countries that don’t have a reciprocal anniversary plan with the same billing frequency available for auto renewal, the auto renewal plan will be reciprocal for the same billing day. If that plan also doesn’t exist, auto renewal will not be allowed.

Feature 2 – Member Credit and Refund Processing

To improve our customer experience and limit risk to our franchisees, we are streamlining our Fitware refund practices. We will now support only two types of refunds: applying a credit to the member’s account, and refunding back to the original transaction and payment method. 

Refunds to Credit Card, Checking Account, and Savings Account

Refunds for credit cards, checking accounts or savings account will be applied to the payment method and invoice of the original transaction.  For example, if a member pays Invoice #1234 with a Visa ending in 1111, a refund to that invoice will be applied back to the Visa ending in 1111.

If that payment method is no longer valid, an error message will be presented to the user.  The refund options will be to refund using cash, check, or applying a credit to the member’s account.

The refund amount must be less than or equal to the original invoice amount. 


Steps to Process Refunds to Credit Card, Checking Account, and Savings Account

  1. Navigate to a Members record and go to the Billing tab
  2. Next, click on Account Adjustment

3. When the box opens, click on Credit/Refund.


 4. Next, click on the Refund radio button and enter the category of the refund, if applicable. You can then enter the refund about into the text box next to the appropriate Invoice.  Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Check Out

5. For details on the invoice, you can click on the link under Item as show above.    



6. Once you click Check Out, you will then be taken to the Refund page. You will see that the Refund Method is pre-populated.  Click Process to complete the refund. 


7. You will then review the Refund Receipt and click Finish to complete the refund process.

8. In the case where the payment method will not accept a refund, the user will be presented an error message below. The options would be to 1) delete this refund using the delete button or 2) apply the refund as a credit to the member’s account, cash, or check refund by using the drop down



Refunds to Cash or Check

Fitware will still support a refund to a cash or check payment by allowing the user to select: 1) refund with cash, 2) refund with check, 3) apply credit to member’s account. Changes have been made to the Credit/Refund page under Member Billing to support this update. 

Steps to Process a Refund Cash or Check

  1. Follow steps 1 – 5 as outlined above.
  2. Enter in the refund amount and click Check Out.

3. Then select how you would like to apply this refund.  The options would be to credit to the member’s account, provide a cash refund, or provide a check refund.  To complete, click Process.



Credit to Fitware Member Account

The Credit to Fitware account functionality remains the same.

Terminate and Refund

When terminating a member, the option to Terminate and Issue a Refund has been removed.  Process the Termination using the option “Terminate without exchanging money.”  Once that process is complete, you can issue a refund by following the steps above.


Removal of Refund during Void Process

Lastly, on the Billing Tab under Payment History, the option to refund using the Actions button has been removed.  The only supported action is now to Cancel or Fail a payment, as shown below.


Feature 3 - Dashboards and Club Audit Report

We are updating the Dashboard Page in Fitware to show the following dashboards that will link to supporting reports. Please review the brief descriptions of the dashboards below, as well as an explanation of the updated report links.   

You can navigate to the new dashboards by going to the Dashboards tab along the top menu.  There are then three tabs on the top of the dashboard page: Memberships, Financial, and Club Audit. 


Membership Activity - The Membership Activity Report displays the following based on the date selected. 

  • Total Adds
    • New Memberships
    • Transferred In Memberships
  • Total Drops
    • Transferred Out Memberships
    • Terminated Memberships
  • Net Change
    • This will display as green if a positive value and red if a negative value.
  • Clicking on this link will open the Club Monthly Attrition


Membership Counts - The Membership Counts dashboard displays the following data based on the date selected.

  • Total Memberships
    • Billed Memberships
    • Not Billed Memberships
  • Total Members
  • Average Value of ALL Memberships
    • Includes dues discounted memberships
  • Average Value of Paying Memberships
    • Includes only paying memberships
  • Clicking on this link will open the Club Audit report which will provide more detail. 


At-Risk Memberships - The At-Risk Memberships dashboard displays memberships that are at risk of attrition based on the date selected.   

  • Pending Delinquent
  • Delinquent
  • Suspended
  • Expiring Prepaid
  • Freeze
  • Potential Lost Memberships
    • Total of all values listed above
  • Potential Lost Revenue
    • Potential Revenue Lost is based on Potential Lost Memberships multiplied by Average Value of Paying Memberships as shown in Membership Counts dashboard
  • Clicking on any value in this dashboard will show the Club Audit Memberships report filtered on that particular value for the selected date.    


Membership Trend – The Membership Trend dashboard displays the counts of end-of-month active memberships in a line graph.  This graph compares three years of data; the year selected in the date menu compared to 2 prior years. Changing the year in the date menu will adjust the membership trend.  Hovering over the dot on the graph will display the value. 




Revenue by Month – The Revenue by Month dashboard displays a four-month graph showing monthly revenue by type including membership dues, personal training dues, and miscellaneous dues.  Changing the date will display the month/date selected and the 3 prior months.  Hovering over the graphs will display the revenue value for that category.  Please note:  For YogaFit, this dashboard will display punch card instead of personal training.

  • Clicking on this dashboard will display the Member Revenue Summary report.


Revenue over Prior Year – The Revenue over Prior Year dashboard displays revenue by month compared to same months of the prior two years. Selecting a year on the date picker on this report will display the year selected compared to the two prior years. 

  • Clicking on this dashboard will display the Member Revenue Summary report.


Club Audit

The Club Audit Report tab will open the Club Audit Report.  The Club Audit report is a summary report that can be used to drill down into specific data. It will default to today’s date.


Clicking on values in the club audit report will open supporting detail reports. You can adjust the date on the detail report.   The reports can be exported by clicking on the disk icon along the top menu.






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