Payment Method Status Report

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Payment Method Status Report

This document will walk you through how to use the Payment Method Status report and why it is so important to look at this report once a month. 

How to get to the Payment Method Status report:

Club Level of Fitware --> Reports --> Financial Reports --> Payment Method Status Report

When you are in the report you will want to use the payment method status filter to un select all and only select  the “invalid” field, then click on the View Report button to apply the filter change.

This will generate all of the members in your location that have an “invalid” payment method on file.  If you click on the members name it will hyperlink you to their fitware account.  Once in the member’s account, you will want to go to their Billing tab then their Payment Methods tab.

On the members account you will see their payment method registration status will be listed as INVALID. 

You will want to immediately call the member and ask them for an updated payment method.  If the member does not answer or respond we highly recommend you change their status to delinquent.

The reason why we suggest you change their status to delinquent is because of how our billing process works, see below.

Based on the billing process outline above, invoices generated on the accounts with an INVALID payment method on file are automatically denied when submitted to our processor.  Therefore, they never receive a valid decline code returning from the member’s bank.  Which then does not notify the automatic job that will mark the invoice as failed and generate the delinquent status for the member.

Here in lies, the major issue, you don’t know that you did not collect their monthly dues and the member gets to keep using the gym.

This is why there is such a high importance that you check the Payment method status report every month before billing goes through to make sure you catch all members with INVALID payment methods on file.

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