Entering a Punch Card Membership*

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*Adding a Punch Card Membership is Brand Specific for YogaFit and 9Round and is not offered for Snap Fitness*


Entering a Punch Card Membership

(This is a “first pass” through the new membership entry process, and covers how to enter a membership of type Single.)

  1. Overview
  2. Beginning the Process
  3. Agreement Details
  4. Member Information
  5. Punch Card Purchase
  6. Access Card Purchase



  1. This is a quick course covering a first pass through the new membership entry process.
  2. This course demonstrates one specific example: entering a new Punch Card Membership.


Beginning the Process      

  1. Select Customers > Sign Up.
  2. Click New Member.
  3. You will see a blank Agreement Details screen, as shown below:


Agreement Details      

Shown below is a typical example on how an Agreement Details screen would be filled out for a Punch Card membership:




  • Plan Category: Punch Cards the most common choice. Further training will explain the different options available.
  • Plan: Punch Card.
  • Term: Month-to-month should be selected
  • Start Date: This will always default to the current date. It can be set forward or backward as needed. (If a future date is selected, the membership will not become active - and the member's will not be able to use their punch card until the day the agreement is set to begin.)
  • Date of Next Payment: This is automatically set to the first day of the next (upcoming) month. It can be set forward (but only within certain parameters, which will be explained more fully later).
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly. This setting cannot be changed for this type of membership.
  • Enrollment Fee: This is set from a default value of $0. It can be raised or lowered as desired (but only within set limits).
  • Membership Dues: This is set from a default value of $0. It represents the amount of the regular, recurring membership dues. It can be adjusted up or down as desired (but only within set limits). Punch Card memberships do not have membership dues
  • Dues at Sign Up: This is the amount (if any) collected from the member at time of sign-up. It represents the payment of their initial dues. The system automatically calculates this amount by prorating the monthly dues by the number of days remaining in the month. This value can be raised, lowered, or zeroed out, as desired (but only within set limits). Punch Card memberships due not have dues at sign up.
  • Sales Person: This is a required field. Select from the drop-down list of choices.
  • Sources, Lead Generator, and Referred By: Although not required, it is highly recommended that this information be entered.


Once you have entered all the information, click Next at the lower-right portion of the screen, and you will be taken to the Member Information page.


Member Information   

Shown below is a typical example on how a Member Information screen would be filled out for a Single membership:



  • Required fields are clearly marked with a red asterisk (*).
  • It is highly recommend that as much of the optional information as possible be entered also.
  • Payment Method is required, and is a particularly important field. Use the drop-down selector to enter a bank account, credit card details, or some other payment method. You cannot save this membership until you have added a payment method.


After you have entered all information, follow the instructions below to complete the process.


Save and Check Out


  1. Click Save at the very bottom-right part of the screen.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message. Click OK.
  3. Click Check Out at the far-right side of the screen.


Punch Card Purchase

When you arrive at the Point of Sale Screen, you will see a PT Service icon located in the upper-right hand corner:

  1. Click PT Service, and choose either the 10-Card Punch or the 20-Card Punch.
  2. Select the Sales Person.
  3. As you add each PT Service, it appears as an item in the Shopping Cart.


After you have paid and checked out, the newly selected service(s) are automatically added to the member.


Access Card Purchase


  1. Selling the access card will be done through the POS on the relay bar under inventory item.

    2. Select Inventory Item


  1. Select Yoga Access Card.  The default price is already in the system at $10.00, however this item can be edited in your club settings.


    4. Select Sell and go through the Check Out process.

  1. Select Sell and go through the Check Out process.



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