FAQ's about the Decline Recovery Program

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FAQ’s about the Decline Recovery Program


  • When do the phone calls go out? /When is the email sent out?


Email 1: Delivered when decline is posted

Email 2: 3 Days after the first email is delivered

Phone Call 1: 3 Days after Second Email is delivered

Phone Call 2: 4 Days after first phone call

Phone Call 3: 4 Days after second phone call


  • Is it just a computer calling out and asking the member to press 1 to connect to the club to pay their bill? 


The phone calls are automated through GymPhone, and will work the same way they did before.  It will appear that the club phone is calling the member.


If a member picks up it will redirect the call to either the club phone or a GymPhone representative if no one is available at the club level during staffed hours.


  • How is the list pulled from our system? Meaning, what code in the system is the list pulled from (delinquent, has an amount due)?



The program pulls from your Declines by Date Range Report.


If a member makes a payment using the link from the first email (within 24-48 hours of receiving) the program will stop trying to contact them.


If it is past that time frame, they might receive the second email but if paid the member can disregard the second email, and the phone calls will not generate.


(This all plays off of time frames of when the member makes their payment)


  • How the link works on the email:


The way the dues reflect for the past due amount is just the membership dues that declined.

For example if your membership dues are $30.00 and you have your NSF fee set at $5.00. The past due amount would reflect the $30.00 and the current balance would reflect $35.00.


We left it this way intentionally to allow the club the flexibility to handle the NSF fee at their discretion.


(Depending on customer service agreement with them, if you have them pay partial, pay all or void the entire fee as a good will gesture).


  • If someone clicks on the link to pay us, is it coded a certain way when the money drops in our account?


It will appear in your bank account in a batch format with your other POS transactions.


(Minus any refunds that were deducted from the total of the POS collected from the prior day).


  • Since this email link is established is it something you could provide us, so that when we want to bill someone and not require them to come in or give us a credit card over the phone we could use it?


Currently, this link is customized based solely off of the decline amount and specific per member/per decline.


I would recommend using the Support Tab and requesting this as a Feature Enhancement and we can escalate it to the next tier for the team to review.


Lastly, below is a breakdown of the program itself:


The way the program will work is, once we receive the decline from the member’s financial institution, the member will be sent their first email. They will receive a second email 3 days after the first, if the account still has current dues and a pending delinquent/delinquent status.


The 3 series of phone calls:


Phone Call 1: 3 Days after Second Email is delivered

Phone Call 2: 4 Days after first phone call

Phone Call 3: 4 Days after second phone call


In the email they can go to the link and pay for their dues and they have an option to update their payment method.


If they update the payment method it will apply the new information into Fitware and give the member the option if they want that new card to be their primary payment method.


This will only apply for credit cards and will not work for bank accounts. If the past due amount is paid in full the current status will change automatically to OK in Fitware. (This does not pick up on the NSF Invoice).


To check the status of your members who declined for the month. We have the Decline Recovery Notification Report that will show you who was sent an email, if the member paid or is still outstanding as well as their status listed. This can be found on the Club Tier-->Reports-->Decline Recovery Notification Report.


The paid status will pull information from the members billing tab directly, meaning it will update the report if the member used the link or came into the club to pay with a manager.


The club is only charged $1.00 per declined member.


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