Overview of Fitware Reports

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1. Fitware reports are organized into categories.
2. To see the categories, however your mouse pointer over the Reports icon in the Control Shortcuts across the top of your screen. In the example below, you see the 13 major Fitware report categories:


To see the reports in a particular category, hover your mouse pointer over it. In the example below, you see the 8 reports under the Member Reports category:


 Search Filters      

  1. Each report includes certain search filters; the search filters will appear at the top of each report.
  2. In the example below, the report has 4 search filters: membership category, membership type, status and payment method type.



To execute your search, select all of your search filters, then scroll all the way over to the right of the report and click View Report


Saving, Re-Using, and Deleting Report Searches      

Search filters can be saved for later use. This saves a lot of time in the case of searches you use often.

  1. Open the report of your choice and set the search filter conditions as you would like them.
  2. Click the Save Search button:


You will receive a message confirming your search criteria was saved. Click OK.


Exporting Reports to Excel, PDF, or Word Files      

  1. Open the report of your choice, and set your filter conditions as desired.
  2. Click the Export icon, and then select your desired format: Excel, PDF, or Microsoft Word.



Drilling Down into Report Details      

Certain fields in Fitware reports are highlighted as links. When you see these, you can click on those links in order to drill down for further details.


Let's take a look at an example:

  1. Here is a sample Sales Report:


  1. The report indicates $516.26 in sales of Reciprocal memberships. The word Reciprocal is also a link, indicating it gives you more details.


  1. Here is the report that is produced when the word Reciprocal is clicked:

  1. The report above shows how the $516.26 breaks down: $74.76 in Family memberships, $192.21 in Joint memberships, and $249.29 in Single memberships. Each of the three is also a link, giving even further details.


  1. For example, to see how the $249.29 in Single memberships breaks down, click on the link Single - Reciprocal. The following is displayed:


  1. As you can see from the screen above, Fitware now breaks out the Single total into individual invoices. Each invoice is also a link, taking you to that particular item.


Wherever you see links within Fitware reports, you can use this powerful feature to drill down into more detailed information.


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