F126: Freezing one person who is on a Joint or Family Agreement

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 Below is a list of actions you will need to take to freeze a Multiple Member agreement.

1.) Make sure to have valid form of payment

2.) Change dues rate

3.) Re-split the dues to set the new primary

4.) Freeze the membership

5.) Change the status of the members who are not freezing;

          *Part 1=Freeze effective immediately

          *Part 2=Future start date for Freeze

6.) You will need to set a task for yourself to change the dues back to the joint rate before billing for that draft when they will all active again.

1.) Wyatt is currently the primary and would like to go on a freeze. Brenda and Scott would like to stay active and Brenda has offered to be the new primary.  Click on Brenda’s name, the first thing we need to do is make sure that Brenda has a valid form of payment on file, if she does not, you will need to add a payment method in her billing tab.  Make sure the bubble icon is selected for the credit card or bank account you would like the dues to draft from. 

2.) Next we will need to change the dues rate.  The family dues rate is currently set at $54.95, since Wyatt will be on a freeze the club will need to change the dues rate to the Joint dues rate, which is currently $45.95.  To do this you would c

lick on the edit icon of the agreement line

Change the rate from $54.95 to $45.95 then click Save. Anything with a red asterisk is a required field and will need to be filled in to save changes successfully.

Once saved you will be navigated back to Brenda’s general tab.

3.)Now, we need to make Brenda the primary. Click on the Re-split button.

Change the primary bubble to Brenda make her dues rate $45.95 and Wyatt’s $0.00.

You should get a box that pop-ups that states the split rate(s) updated sucessfully.


This will take you back to Brenda’s general tab. 

Part 1: Freeze effective immediately

4.)The next step is to go and set the freeze. Click on the freeze icon on the relate bar.


The end date will need to be 4/30/16; this will change his status to ok, effective 5/1/16.  A pop up box will appear where you will enter in the terms of the Freeze.  In this example, Wyatt would like the Freeze to start immediately and would like to become active again on 5/1/16.

After clicking save, you will see the membership Freeze History confirming the information just entered.

5.) Since a freeze applies to the whole account, the next step is to go and unfreeze each member who will be staying active. Go to the primary’s members General tab and click the change status icon on the relate bar.



A pop-up box will generate; select the members whose status you would like to change.  Here we have selected Brenda and Scott. 

Next, change the status to ok, select today's date and click save.

You will receive a message confirming the status change.

Part 2: Future start date for Freeze


If the freeze is set to start in the future, you will go to each member’s status history that will be staying active, and delete both the future freeze and the OK status.

6.) Lastly, you need to set a task for you to change the membership dues back to the Family rate.  This needs to be done before billing for the next draft is pulled so the Family membership rate will apply when the membership becomes active again. To set a task; Click on the task icon on the relate bar.


Next, click on Add Task

Below is an example of what will need to be filled out.  Please note the required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Click Save.

You can now view the note entered in the tasks below from the member’s General tab.



You can also view all tasks from your top menu bar: Hover over the Member Engager tab and click on Tasks.



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