Release Notes for December 9th, 2015

Stacy Schmidt -



  • Updated the logic that is used to determine if a barcode is eligible for reuse.
  • If the new member was the last to have the Barcode.
  • If all the other records for the Barcode are inactive.
  • Check the current owner of the Barcode for the following condition's:

1. Are they a Member?

  • Yes - If they are currently terminated.
  • No - The do not have an active trial.

2. View Prospect Detail

  • Removed cancel button at bottom of screen as it was redundant.
  • Corrected a bug that was preventing trials being cancelled if they were created prior to Prospect Engager.
  • Added Logic to only allow numbers to entered for a barcode.

Support Tab

  • Corrected a bug that was preventing clubs that had special characters in their name from being able to submit a ticket.

Member Signup 

  •  Corrected a bug that would prevent adding a payment method to a member that had a picture.

POS Transactions Search 

  • Added new page that allows clubs to search all transactions at their club for a Date Range.

Additional Search Criteria

  • Transaction Type
  • Sales 
  • Refund
  • Payment Method
  • Receipt Number
  • Member Type
  •  Prospect
  •  Member


  • Users can perform the following tasks on this page:
  1. View a Receipt.
  2. Click through to either  View Member Detail or View a Prospect in Prospect Engager.
  3. Perform a Void or Refund on a Sale.
  4. Payment Receipt.
  5. Finish Button will now take you back to a member record if performing a POS transaction.


  • Added in logic for Payment Methods in preparation for European Clubs.
  • Users will now be correctly directed to the Visiting Prospect page when searching by Barcode.
  • Updated some pages to have a more consistent look and feel across application.
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