Release Notes for November 25, 2015

Stacy Schmidt -


  • Corrected an issue that was causing some users to be logged into the incorrect club in Prospect Engager.
  • Added a Fitware prospect detail page with the following functionality

o   View / edit free trials

  • Ability to update barcode
  • Ability to extend free trials up to 45 days from start date
  • Ability to cancel / end free trials early

o   View / upload documents

o   View notes

  • Corrected an issue that was creating blank prospect engager notes in Fitware
  • Corrected an issue that was duplicating prospect engager notes in Fitware
  • Added a new “PT Member List” report to club tier > reports > personal training section. (Note: This report will only return “PT Membership” plans today but we will be updating it to return a list of all customers with PT contracts and allow them to filter by plan name next week.
  • Removed “30 Day Trial” and “PT Membership” contracts from Balihoo member engager emails.


Upcoming Developments:

  • Ability to migrate notes & tasks from existing Fitware prospects to Prospect Engager
  • Prospect migration tool – This tool will allow support to migrate all non-converted Fitware prospects and their notes/task history to prospect engager
  • Update Fitware prospect status to Inactive when the prospects status is changed to “No Sale” and / deleted in Prospect Engager.
  • Ability to detach a barcode from a Terminated member / inactive prospect (this will allow clubs to re-use barcodes without having to edit the original customers barcode to make it unique).
  • Dashboard permission enhancements – we’re adding the ability to disable / enable access to the Dashboard page as well as control access to both the Attrition and Revenue dashboards sections in the event that the clubs want users to be able to see one but not the other.
  • Created a process for automating manual transfer requests and will be running this process around the 20th of the month after the reciprocity file has run.


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