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Before your employees can login to Fitware you must login to the Owners Portal and verify all employees that require access. Please follow the below instructions to verify your clubs employees:

  1. Login to Fitware at and select the Owners Portal section.
  2. Go to Employees, View All.
  3. Verify each employees RoleEmail, and Door Access Barcode ID

Verify Employee Steps

Follow the below step by step instructions to verify your employees information.

Step 1: Login to the Owners Portal

Visit and login using your email and password. After logging in select the Owners Portal in the Areas drop down; (the option that contains the owner’s first initial and last name, example: J. Doe).

Step 2: Go to Employee, View All:

This will bring you to the complete list of employees currently set up within your clubs. You will want to verify if they are still currently part of your staff, if they are verify the barcode that is linked to their employee profile, their Role or access level to Fitware, and that they have a valid email** on file for their own Fitware login.

**Please note no one should be using the clubs email address for their login.





You can View/Edit this information by clicking on the black edit icon under the Edit column.

By clicking on the Edit icon, the system will direct you to that employee’s User Information Tab, in this area you can edit: Name, Gender, Birthday, Login Email, and their Basic Contact Information.


Once verified/updated, you can click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen, which will direct you to View/Edit their User Clubs.

To verify their Fitware Access Levels, click on the ‘Edit’ icon in the Role column.


A pop up box will appear that will show you the club database they have access to, what Role or permission levels they are set at in Fitware and if they are active.

If the employee is setup with the proper permission and access levels, you can click ‘Save’, the system will tell you the Role Updated Successfully, click ‘OK’. Once finished click ‘Done’.

If the employee is no longer part of your staff, uncheck the ‘Active’ box, click ‘Save’, the system will tell you the Role Updated Successfully, click ‘OK’. Once finished click ‘Done’.

From here you will be able to delete the ‘Assigned Club’ from their User Clubs. Click ‘Done’ when finished.

The employee will now have ‘0’ listed in their Active Club Count column.

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