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FAQ’s For Technical Support


  1. What are the current staffed hours for the Technical Support Department?

Our current staffed Hours for Technical Support are Monday-Friday 7am-5pm CST.

  1. Why does the chat button disappear on my screen?

The chat button will disappear when there are no agents available to Chat, this will reappear when one is available to assist you.

  1. When can I expect a response from my voicemail left on the support phone line?

If you receive a voicemail when calling the support line, please leave as much information as possible within the voicemail (Name, phone number, brief description, barcodes, etc..) as we like to return all voicemails same day, During higher traffic times it could take us up to 24 hours to respond to these voicemails.

  1. When I use chat, I get an automated message shortly after communicating my issue, what is this?

Although, we try to answer every Chat in a timely fashion, if our agents are working with an influx of Chat requests, you may be put into a Que to have your chat answers. This que assigns agents in the order in which the chat was received. Please be patient, if you cannot wait, you may end/leave the chat and this will automatically create a ticket for our agents to answer.

  1. When should I use online chat?

The chat requests are meant for quick questions. As our chat is real time, this should be utilized when you have a specific member or prospect issues. This should not be used when you have multiple questions, Training questions, or issues that may take longer than 5 minutes to explain.

  1. When should I use the 1-877 phone number?

The 1-877-474-7080 phone number should be utilized when you have multiple questions, training Issues, or issues that may take longer than 5 minutes to explain. Please note that, as we may have more traffic, we may ask to schedule a call/ follow up time with you for training and or issues that may require us to escalate.

  1. When should I use the ticketing system (aka Support tab)

The Support tab is a great tool to utilize when you may not have a whole lot of time to discuss an issues at the moment, however would like a response from our support team. We expect to answer these tickets within 24 hours of when they were received. You can also use this system to include multiple issues, or feature requests within the system.

  1. When I enter in a ticket, it keeps erroring out and I lose all of my data, why is this?

As we love as much information as possible on these tickets. You must enter these tickets in with max character count of 120 characters. If you have more information to add, once submitting the initial ticket, you will be emailed (within the club email) a ticket request confirmation. You can respond to this email with additional information which will communicate to our ticketing system. All responses will then correlate within your club email address.

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