Understanding Security Profile Roles

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Security Profile Roles determine where within the Fitware software employees are able to go. These profiles are referred to as "Roles" because they have specific names, and can be applied to groups of employees.


A Security Profile Role may be called "Personal Trainer". The security profile for "Personal Trainer" may be rather limited, allowing users only basic access to certain areas. The "Beginning Employee" profile is then applied to Anna, Betty, and Cindy, since those are your three Personal Trainers.

Then, an additional Security Profile Role may be related called "Club Manager". This security profile may allow greater access within the Fitware software. You may wish to apply this profile to Debbie, Evelyn, and Franchise, since they are your club managers.


One of the major advantages of Security Profile Roles is the manner in which updates are handled. Continuing from the example above, let's say that Anna, one of your "Personal Trainers", quickly works her way into a "Club Manager" role. Just by changing her Security Profile Role to "Club Manager" she now has all of the security rights and privileges you have assigned to "Club Manager".

Another advantage is that any changes made to a security profile role will automatically apply to every employee assigned that role. For example, let's say you decide the Personal Trainers need access to an area of the Fitware software that until now you had not permitted. All you need to do is make the update to the Security Profile Role; the change will automatically and immediately apply to every employee assigned to this role.

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