F123: Selling Recurring Personal Training

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  1. Find the member that is purchasing recurring PT in the Fitware database. Once you select the member, select POS in the column of icons to the left of the member relate bar.

  1. Select PT Service when selling Recurring PT to the selected member.

  1. In Session Type, select Custom > Custom Recurring Agreement.

  1. Enter how many sessions the member will be purchasing each month, how long each session is, and the price per session. Enter the Sales Person. Please ensure that the Expiration Date is Month to Month. Also ensure that the Billing Frequency is set up as "Monthly". Please ensure that the Date of Next Payment is the first of the following month. Select Save.                                                
  2. Review the transaction ensuring that the quantity of training sessions equals the quantity per month. Ensure that the Total ($) equals the EFT price given on the Personal Training Agreement. Select Check Out.

  1. Select the proper salesperson and payment method. Select Process.

  1. Please Note: The membership price changes to reflect the amount of recurring PT each month. In this example, $150 per month was added to the Membership Price.

  1. The PT Sessions that have been paid for will show up after each payment to ensure that the sessions can be scheduled and consumed.


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