Release Notes for October 16th, 2014

Permanently deleted user -


  • General changes to statuses:
    • Statuses are smarter now, when you set any non-terminated status it will see if the customer has a future status and set an end date tot he night before that future status takes effect.
      • Every status that starts after the Terminate will be deleted (also any future contracts).
      • These changes prevent statuses from 'overriding' future statuses.
    • Additionally, you can now cancel any status that is in the future not just Freezes and Terminates.
      • Future statuses do not change, but the status in effect before the cancelled one will get extended.
  • Addressed issues with Freeze statuses.
    • Previously did not apply to all members on the membership, this now automatically applies Freeze to all members of the membership.
    • When a member gets put on Freeze, all of their future statuses get pushed out.
    • Freezes were having issues with PT contracts and Additional Services, these services now have their end dates pushed out based on the Freeze duration.
    • Freezes now properly require and end date to be set.
  • Addressed a bug in the Membership Sales Detail Report that was reporting previous agreements dues at signup.
  • Addressed an issue when renewing memberships that was causing the renewal to fail due to renewing to agreement types that had been disabled at the club.
  • Corrected an issue with the Member Expiration Termination Report that was reporting duplicate records for members.
  • Corrected an issue with the New Member Report that was reporting duplicated records for members.


  • When scheduling a PT session, the application will now automatically approve the session that is being scheduled, instead of forcing the user to schedule, then approve the schedule.
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