Billing Cycle Dates to Remember

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1-3rd of the Month: Members are billed.

2-4th of the Month: Membership Dues are deposited into Franchisee account.

  • ACH - Deposits from members billed via Checking or Savings account. Assuming all of them went through; the whole amount (minus processing fees) will be deposited into your bank account.
  • Credit Cards - Deposits from members billed via credit and debit cards. The amount deposited into your bank account will be equal to the total amount billed minus credit card declines.
    • Declines: All credit card declines come through on the first of the month when we attempt to bill the members. Checking and savings account declines sometimes take two weeks to come through depending on when the member's bank processes the transaction.
      • $0.10 for Credit Card Declines
      • $4.50 for ACH Declines

2-10th of the Month: Receive billing errors.

3-6th of the Month: Corporate Statements are posted - Franchisees are billed for corporate dues.

4-8th of the Month: Run your Reports!

  • Decline History (Run 4 times/month)
  • Members List
  • Pre-Billing Member Detail Report

27-29th of the Month: Member billing files are pulled. All Changes need to be made to the member's account prior to the date listed below to be applied to the billing on the 1st. The member will not be billed from their account until the 1st of the month following the date listed on the billing schedule.



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