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Covers default pricing and tax rates for memberships, PT services, and additional services, tax settings, freeze and decline fees, and bank defaults.

  1. Membership Plan Defaults
  2. Tax Settings
  3. Freeze and Decline Fees
  4. Bank Defaults

Membership Plan Defaults

Fitware allows you to change certain defaults - such as sign-up fees, recurring dues, and taxation rate - related to membership plans, PT Services, and Additional Services.

  • These defaults save you time during data entry - when signing up a service, the default prices and tax rates are pre-populated for you.
  • Defaults do not lock in their values - they may be changed when signing up each individual plan for each member.
  • Please note that changing the defaults does not affect any existing memberships! It only affects new membership sign-ups moving forward.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings > Agreement, and then choose either Membership Plan, Additional Services, or PT Services:
  2. You will see a listing for the option you have chosen. Click the icon in the Edit column next to the plan where you want to make changes:
  3. Make any desired edits to the sign-up amount, dues price, taxation rate, or any other fields that are allowed to be edited, then click Save:

Tax Settings
Tax settings in Fitware are divided into Categories. This has several advantages:

  • A single tax category can be applied to a variety of membership plans, additional services, or inventory products.
  • Easy updating is possible if a particular taxation rate ever changes.
  • Detailed reporting is available showing the amount of tax collected in each taxation category.

To work with tax categories, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings > Tax Settings:
  2. A list will open showing all current tax categories and their details. To edit a tax category, click on the icon in the Edit column:
  3. Make the needed changes to the tax rate and click Save:

     Note: This action affects all prices for items having this tax rate, from this point moving forward.

Freeze and Decline Fees

  • Freeze fees represent the amount a member will be charged, in lieu of their normal monthly membership fee, if their membership is placed on a Freeze status.
  • Decline fees represent the service amount a member will be charged if they have a declined payment.

     To change the default freeze and/or decline fees, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings > Club Information:
  2. Make any desired changes to the Freeze Fees and/or Decline Fees, then click Save

    Note: Changes will affect all freeze fees charged, and all decline fees charged, from the moment you make the change, moving forward.

Bank Defaults
Bank defaults help save time and ensure data accuracy:

  • It is highly likely that many members at your facility will be using the same bank.
  • Sometimes, bank information changes: a routing number may change, or a bank name may change (or may have been entered incorrectly to begin with).
  • Having this information saved in a "defaults" area means that the information can be quickly updated in just one place, and then automatically applied to all members having that bank on file.

     To work with bank defaults, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings > Bank:


2. You will see a listing of all banks and their routing number. To make changes, click the icon in the Edit column:


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