F101: An Overview of Fitware Layout and Organization

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Explains how Fitware screens are laid out and organized.  Covers home page, attendance panel, control shortcuts, tabs, and the relate bar.

1.  Fitware Home Page
2.  Attendance Panel
3.  Control Shortcuts
4.  Tabs
5.  Relate Bars

Attendance Panel

Running down the left side of the screen is an Attendance Panel with the following features:

  • Each member's name is shown as they scan in, along with the time, and that member's photo (if available).
  • At the bottom is a list of employees on duty.
  • Clicking on a member's name takes you to that member's record.
  • The Attendance Panel will always display, regardless of where else you go in the software.

Control Shortcuts

Running across the top of the screen are nine control shortcuts:

  • Control Shortcuts reflect Fitware's "all-in-one" design philosophy:  There is no need to log into different "portals" to perform different functions. Everything is available from one set of controls.
  • The Control Shortcuts are always displayed across the top of the screen, regardless of where else you go in the software.


Tabs serve to group information into logical, manageable units. The information in the following Member's record is divided into five tabs (clicking on a tab takes you to the information contained there):

Relate Bars

Relate bars run down the left side of the screen:

  • Relate bars help you to quickly perform common functions associated with a member, prospect or employee.
  • Relate bars customize based on what you are viewing: for members, you will see functions like Cancel, Freeze, and Edit; for prospects, you will see functions like Convert to Member, Give Free Trial, and Change Status; and for employees, you will see functions like Commissions, Time Clock, and Sales.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over any relate bar icon, and you will see a pop-up indicating what function that icon performs.

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