F107: Overview of Member Records

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Covers navigating through member records ,sorting and searching for specific members' records, and the layout and organization of member records.

  1. Working with the Member List
  2. A Tour Around a Member's Record
  3. The Member Relate Bar

Working with the Member List

  • Click Customers > View All.


  1. You will see a list similar to the following example:

        2. You can search by Name, Bar Code, Status or Customer Type using the controls along the top.
        3. You can sort the information in the grid by any column, just by clicking on that

             column heading.
        4. To jump to a member's record, just click on their name.



A Tour Around a Member's Record

Each member's record is divided into five tabs:


General Tab:

Contact Info:



PT Scheduling:



The Member Relate Bar


Shown below is a listing of what each icon in the Member Relate Bar does.



(When actually using Fitware, please remember that hovering your mouse pointer over any icon will produce a pop-up showing what that icon does.)


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