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Home club only access memberships
You  have the ability to sell home club only memberships.  These memberships will be priced at your discretion and allow for access to ONLY your club.  The membership will not have reciprocal access.

     Benefits/Practical Uses: 
          • Selling discounted memberships
          • Trade-outs or barters
          • Club specific offers and promotions
          • Gift memberships

Employee membership access
Employee memberships will be limited to same owner club(s).   Employees will not have access to clubs not owned by the owner of their home club.  If access is desired at another franchisee location that club will have to enter and manage the employee’s access at their club. 

           • Better control of access to your facility.
           • Limits the potential of member or personal training client “poaching”.
           • Avoids freebie membership work-a-rounds by staff.

Ownership Entity level
This is an owner focused dashboard that allows you to report and control functions for any or all of your clubs. 

           • Business reporting on any or all of your clubs.
           • Manage employee access versus depending on your FAM.
           • Create custom “roles” for you staff.
           • Easy access to log directly into any of your clubs.

Membership pricing controls
You will have the ability to set your club specific membership plan pricing!  We have also introduced floor pricing that controls system-wide pricing consistency for reciprocal access. 

           • You can now set plan specific prices for all of your membership plan options.
           • Limits steeply discounted memberships to be sold with access to all clubs.
           • Allows you to set minimums in which your staff can sell above and beyond corporate floors.
           • Helps with consistency with pricing and brand value.

Product and service customization
In addition to other improved control mechanisms, you can customize your product pricing structure.  Add customize training packages and control fee pricing. 

           • Save time by setting the default prices for all of your fees and services.
           • Create continuous or temporary personal training packages with time and participation limits.
           • Add your own approved inventory items with your club specific pricing.
           • Inventory tracking/re-order notification capabilities.

Employee management improvements
We have designed the system for employee tracking.  You can have one place to review hours and earnings. 

           • Functional employee time clock function will allow you to track (and edit) clocked hours.
           • Ability to set product specific commission levels.
           • Assign commission levels based off a set dollar amount, percentage of the sale or combination.
           • Scheduling module allows you to set and view upcoming employee schedules and availability.

Billing and payment changes
We have  made it  difficult for members to slip through the cracks by putting cash paying members as delinquent if they have not paid as well as eliminating the ability to put in a past next payment date.  Members with expired credit cards will no longer be automatically excluded from the monthly draft. 

           • Spend more time on member acquisition versus collecting payments and reporting on missed billing.
           • Limits the ease of entering members with a past dues post date, no more stuck in the past billing dates.
           • Members will have a set grace period to remedy their balance prior to door access removal.
           • Limits non-paying or members with a past due balance from continued access.  Any member, including statement billed, will be locked out at end of grace period (5-7 business days after billing).
           • Should have an increased in the percentage of memberships billed.


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