Release Notes for October 19th, 2017

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10/19/2017 Release Notes

Tablet Enhancements

iPad Enhancements – Live this Thursday October 19th!

We have made some major enhancements to our Tablet Application that are going to make the process for enrolling your new members even easier! With this update, you will be able to use the iPad to sell both reciprocal and prepaid memberships, edit pricing, enter salespeople and sources, include group and insurance information, and enter barcodes just as you do in Fitware today.

Features Include

  • Tablet Feature 1 – Managed Mode - The Fitware Application on the tablet now has a new managed mode. Managed Mode is intended to be used while helping a member during signup.  
  • Tablet Feature 2 – Member Picture - During signup in Managed Mode, the member can now take their picture.
    • COMING SOON: In our next release, the pictures taken on the tablet will update in Fitware. We’ll make sure any pictures taken between 10/19 and our next release are sent through to Fitware when this feature is ready.
  • Tablet Feature 3 – Recurring and Prepaid Plans - In managed mode, both recurring and prepaid plans are available. The setup and pricing for the both plan types will use the pricing and plans that are set up in Fitware. The tablet will support Single, Joint, and Family for reciprocal and prepaid plans. Please note that Custom Prepaid plans are currently missing the Term Length.  This will be fixed soon.
  • Tablet Feature 4 – Scan Credit Card - The scan credit card feature will copy the credit card number for the point of sale purchase.  The camera on the back of the iPad will need to be uncovered in order for the scan card to work.        
  • Tablet Feature 5 – Adjust Pricing - In managed mode, a user can adjust the membership dues, program fee, and access card fee. The Club Enhancement Fee will also be displayed and will allow users to uncheck if the CEF fee will not be charged.  The sum of these values will show on the receipt page.
  • Tablet Feature 6 – Group Entry - A group can be selected from the drop down menu and the associated group number can be entered.
  • Tablet Feature 7 – Insurance Entry - A insurance company can be selected from the drop down menu and the associated insurance ID and number can be entered.
  • Tablet Feature 8 – Salesperson and Source Entry - A user can select the salesperson (from the list of employees at their club) and the member’s inquiry source.
  • Tablet Feature 9 – Barcode Entry - In managed mode, a user can enter the barcodes for all members that are signing up during that transaction.  If entered on the tablet, the access cards will no longer show on the Order Fulfillment list in Fitware.
  • Tablet Feature 9 – Logout - There are two ways to return to kiosk mode and exit managed mode.  A user can logout of managed mode by tapping on the lock icon again or the managed mode setting will timeout after 5 minutes of no activity on the tablet.
  • Tablet Feature 10 – Access Settings - In managed mode, a user can click to leave the Fitware application to access their Wi-Fi, brightness, and other settings.




  • Feature Enhancements
    • Unsigned Documents 
      • A new report has been added to manage members that have outstanding unsigned documents and have been locked out of the club.  The report can be found under the Customer tab and is called Revoked Club Access.  Fitware users can review this report to determine members that have been locked out of the club and why.  The report also includes the member’s phone and email for easy outreach.  
      • Speaking of reports, we added a few new columns to the Unsigned Documents report that now show whether the member has been revoked club access as well as their status and corresponding status reason.
      • Fitware users will also see a notification when sending a signature to email, stating that the member will be locked out until documents are signed.  
      • Additionally, the daily job that runs to update the memberships status from Suspended to OK when a member pays will NOT update their status to OK if they have outstanding unsigned documents. Once their documents are signed and any other issues causing suspension are resolved, the job will update their status to OK.


    • Additional Features
      • We added fields for Mailing Address to the Contract Configuration page. If the fields are populated, the mailing address field will replace the club address on the cancellation section of the Membership Terms and Conditions, ensuring that cancellation notices are received at the correct address.  


    • Bug Fixes
      • Removed terminated and minor members from unsigned documents list
        • COMING SOON: In our next release, we’ll update our logic to make sure that minor members are covered under the primary member’s agreements
      • Removed duplicated documents from unsigned documents list. For example, if a member had an older agreement that was unsigned, but has since signed an updated agreement, the prior unsigned agreements have been removed.
      • Fixed an issue in which Fitware was not sending document signatures to the tablet.

My Profile

  • Fixed bug in My Profile to update amount due to match Fitware.


Decline Recovery

  • Fixed bug in decline recovery that caused invalid errors in payments. (Zendesk #42447)
  • Updated Decline Recovery site to use Lift Email Service, fixing internationalization issues.
  • Created Brand/Country specific Decline Recovery Emails.

  • Credit card validation updated to allow 16 digit credit cards.
  • Umbraco environment setup in Development to prepare for new snap website.
  • Deployed new file service to support CDN (new snap site)
  • Cancellation video added to FIt Pass and Online enrollments for OH clubs.
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