Release Notes for September 14th, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

9/14/2017 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a missing translation on the Decline Recovery site
  • Fixed an issue in Fitware that was causing members that were added to an existing membership plan to not receive documents.


Corporate Intranet

  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error viewing the Agreements page under Archive.
  • Updated the functionality for the Modernization Due Date.
    • It will now link to Tools & Reports
    • Dialed in logic when due date is automatically created to be aware of previous due dates and not overwrite them.
  • Added list of ‘previously owned clubs’ under each owner on the Locations tab.
  • Added location and location status filters to the Comm Log.
  • Fixed an issue in ArcGIS that was causing the geocoding to not work for the US and Canada


Member Engager

  • Updated social media links in the body of the emails to automatically redirect to the club’s social media page instead of going directly to corporate’s page.
  • Added new banner image for Yogafit - ‘Bingo!’ banner.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally allowed users to schedule a batch without accepting the terms.

  • Added Discover card logo to payment forms for all check-out workflows.
  • Updated verbiage in Terms & Conditions modal during Online Enrollment and Fit Pass to bring them into parity.

  • Updated verbiage in confirmation emails to no longer say Program Fee, but Access Card Fee instead.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented users from seeing their signed waiver via the email link.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the ‘confirmation to club’ for waiver signatures.
  • Updated the copy for the enrollment confirmation emails with new language from Marketing.


Franchisee Portal

  • Updated the Logo Resources document.


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