Release Notes for August 31st, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

8/31/2017 Release Notes


  • Feature Enhancements
    • Unsigned Documents - The overall functionality to ensure the collection of membership agreements by either allowing clubs to collect paper agreements on a temporary basis (grandfather agreement) and eventually lock members out of clubs for having unsigned agreements.  
    • Electronic Agreements and Tablet Functionality - Spain
      • Electronic agreements will be live for Snap Fitness in Spain on September 6th!
      • Documents include Spanish Translations of the following:
        • Membership Terms and Conditions
        • Club Usage
        • Guest Waiver
        • Privacy Policy
      • Table application has been translated into Spanish
      • Enrollment Emails have been translated into Spanish
      • Document Signing Site has been translated into Spanish
      • Updated Online Enrollment to support Electronic Agreements has been translated into Spanish
  •  Decline Recovery - Spain
  • Translated Decline Recovery Site into Spanish
  • Translated Decline Recovery Communications into Spanish 
    • Additional Features
      • Updated OH contracts for Legal
      • ArcGIS - added brand information to driving distance polygon


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a broken link electronic agreement in the 9 Round UK emails
    • Fixed inaccurate prospect records for YogaFit


  • Technical Changes
    • Updated email functionality on Hangfire to not fail a job on a bad email address


Decline Recovery

  • Added a ‘softer’ error message is the user returns to the link after already submitting a successful payment.


Fit Pass Cancellation Page

  • Updated messaging to more clearly inform trial members of their current cancellation process.
    • If the member has yet to cancel and they are still within the trial period, but before the billing cut-off date - they can cancel like normal.
    • If the member has yet to cancel, but they are trying after the billing period has started they cannot cancel. Instead they are informed that they need to reach out to their club for more information.
    • If the member has successfully renewed into a full member - the site will inform them of when they successfully renewed and to talk to their club for more information.

Snap Fitness Club Portal

  • Added a new Styku Body Imager amenity icon.

Member Engager

  • Went live for Australia and New Zealand on 08/23!
  • Add new ‘What’s Your Fit?’ banner images to the library for October.

My Profile

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause display issues for a member’s Fitscore.
  • Changed automatic sorting of payment methods to display the most recently added method at the top of the list.
  • Added a maintenance page for when the site is down or in maintenance mode.



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