Release Notes for June 29th, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

6/29/2017 Release Notes


  • Fixed a bug on the Member Profile Email Verification Link
  • Created a process to generate an Event Waivers when a member signs up for an Event
  • Added translation the following menu items and pages in Fitware:
    • Contract Configuration
    • Membership Terms and Conditions
    • Preview Membership Agreement
    • Preview Club Usage
    • Tablet Registration
    • Membership Plans
    • CEF Configuration
    • Pricing Configuration
    • Shipping Address
    • Unsigned Documents List
    • Unfulfilled Orders List
  • Adjusted Punch Card membership to allow them to be sold online.  
  • Fixed a bug where some fields on the Payment Authorisation Form were missing.
  • Consolidated email messages upon enrollment for unsigned document signature requests.
  • Fixed an error message during online enrollment.
  • Cleaned up outstanding fulfillment issues.
  • Changed the Hours on Support pop up in Fitware.
  • Increased the character limit on POS inventory price field


Member Engager

  • Deactivated UK Happy Birthday and Anniversary automated emails on request of the business.
    • Will no longer be visible in the UI or sent to members automatically for both Snap Fitness and 9 Round versions.
  • Updated UK copy for New Member Series automated emails to reference correct number of weeks for the series.

  • Added an autofill bar to the location finder screen.
    • Snap Fitness locations will now be suggested to the user as they type in their search.
  • Added CAPTCHA to all forms that do not require payment to submit.
  • Updated financing documents with the latest versions.

 Club Portal

  • Updated Yogafit Financing documents with latest versions.
  • Updated July Success Checklist link and graphic.
  • Added new Campaign Opt-in toggle for ‘Free Fit Saturday’.
    • Clubs will be able to opt into the campaign by clicking and saving the yes/no toggle.
    • Opted in clubs will have access to a report detailing information on customers who have signed up for any Free Fit Saturday events.
      • Page and sign-up forms coming August 1st.
    • Once opted in and the campaign starts August 1st, a campaign landing page will be turned on for their club page on
      • More details to follow on this functionality next release.


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