Release Notes for June 13th, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

6/13/2017 Release Notes

Electronic Agreements

  • Electronic agreements will be live for Snap Fitness and 9Round in Australia and New Zealand on June 13th!
    • Documents include:
      • Membership Terms and Conditions
      • Club Usage
      • Guest Waiver
      • Privacy Policy
      • Payment Authorisation
      • Health Questionnaire (New Zealand only)
  • New Zealand - Health Questionnaire document launched to tablet, online enrollment, and on Fitware Membership page
  • Australia & New Zealand - Payment Authorization document launched to tablet, online enrollment and as part of the following Fitware workflows:
    • Adding New Member
    • POS transaction - if payment method is saved for future
    • Billing - Add Payment Method - if payment is saved for future
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The signature on the Payment Authorisation form will change the Payment Method Status in Fitware from Pending Authorisation to Approved.  A member WILL NOT be billed until their Payment Authorisation form is signed and their Payment Method Status is Approved. *All existing New Zealand and Australia members will have their Payment Method Status defaulted to Pending Authorisation prior to go-live.  


Decline Recovery

  • Change to the workflow for Australia and New Zealand to add the Payment Authorisation to the decline recovery process if card is saved for future use.


  • iPad Version Number Update - version
  • Fixed a bug that where new contracts were not generating when converting a single to a joint membership and when renewing a prepaid into a reciprocal membership.
  • Updated PT to be sold for fortnightly memberships
  • Fixed access card pricing on the tablet to adjust access card price per number of members in the membership plan.
  • Edit button has been removed from the Membership Plan and CEF on the POS/Add Invoice page.
  • On Club setup, Fitware is set to Enabled and Active.
  • The video and PDF links have been removed from the Tablet Registration page


Pending Delinquent Job

  • The Pending-Delinquent/Delinquent job has been re-written to handle anniversary billing in all countries not just AUS/NZL. Before the job was only looking at anniversary billing if the member was in AUS or NZL and apply very specific logic to those members. All other countries were using the logic we use for first of the month billing to determine if a Member should be OK. This would put people in OK that should not be due to it anticipating billing to only be happening on the first of the month.
  • Here is the new logic being used to determine if a member should be OK
    • Grab all Primary members that are currently in Pending-Delinquent or Delinquent and have gone through automated billing
    • We then figure out if they still owe the club money based on either the last time they went through billing or when they went into Pending-Delinquent/Delinquent whichever is greater
    • If they still owe the club money based on that date we removed them from the list of people to be made OK
    • Lastly, we loop through the remaining members and set all members on their contract to OK as long as the primary member is paid up.

  • Updated Franchise countries list and map on /About.
  • Updated Peter Taunton bio on /About.
  • Fixed bug that was causing events to be displayed in non-chronological order on club’s calendars.


My Profile

  • Updated the payment method’s page with a sleek new interface and updated functionality.
    • Members can now easily manage their primary card selection.
    • Members can now remove a non-primary card from their account.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the reset password link to take the user to the login screen instead.


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