Release Notes for May 3rd, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

5/03/2017 Release Notes


  • On Membership plans, we’ve removed the ability to disable Online Enrollment Plans
  • Changed wording on Pricing Configuration to reduce confusion
  • Added validation to the Contract Configuration to require Franchisee Business Name
  • In Fitware, we’ve renamed Member Account to My Profile.
  • The Club Tier Club Enhancement Fee Configuration page now shows Last Update Date/Time and Last Updated By fields.
  • Fixed issue with country code and subscription code for Netherlands and UK to eliminate payments from failing.
  • Fixed Memberships Terms and Conditions merge field for early cancellation fee for $0 amounts.



  • New Report - Fit Pass Summary - Corporate Tier
    • Report Location: Corp Tier > Reports > Online Enrollment
  • Report Name Change - Fit Pass Summary - Club Tier
    • Name changed from 30 Day Trial Report
    • Report Location: Club Tier > Membership Reports > Fitpass Summary
  • Report Change - New fields added to Credit Card Expiring Report
    • Added Email address and phone number
    • Report Location: Club Tier > Financial Reports > Credit Card Expiring Report

  • Updated the default sort order of Success stories to display newest submissions at the top of the list.
  • Added ‘Featured’ Success Story functionality.
    • Configurable in the Corporate Intranet under CMS > Testimonials
    • Edit a testimonial and flip ‘Featured’ to Yes
      • If multiple testimonials are flagged as featured, only the newest entry will be featured.
    • Featured success story will be displayed center at the top of the page.
  • Updated additional security to online forms to help combat spam submissions.
  • Updated terms copy for Fit Pass.
  • Added Fit Pass Conversion tag for Twitter.
  • Refreshed Instagram token which fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the footer app from working on the site.



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