Release Notes for March 23rd, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

3/23/2017 Release Notes

Member Account

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes redirect the user trying to use the reset password functionality back to the login screen instead of the recovery workflow.
  • Removed case sensitivity from the login email field.
  • Added an additional helper text bubble to the login email recovery page.
  • Fixed a bug prevented the green status bar from appearing on the Fitscore widget.


Club Portal

  • Added a link to the new Magento Snap Fitness store front via the Wholesale Supplies tab.



  • Prepaid Membership Plan Liability Report - Club Level > Membership Reports > Report to show the Liability Tracker for customers who are pre-paying their license fees
  • Added the merge field from the Contract Configuration for club open date to the Membership Terms and Conditions document. If club open date is in the past or blank, the field will display N/A. If the date exists for date in the future, the field will display date from the Club Open Date.
  • Transfers
    • The FitwareApp Corporate tier manual transfer process has been enhanced.
    • The transfer request now goes through a centralized Transfer process, which enforces the following: additional business rules that govern whether the transfer can occur or not, expires Additional Services if Destination Club doesn’t support it (e.g. tanning), applies CEF to the MPC, and sends an email to the Customer on successful transfer.
  • Fixed a bug to ensure that the VAT tax is correctly added to the Membership Terms Initial Payments for UK
  • Added friendly error message to ensure that new clubs have location configuration set up correctly prior to sending email messages.  Message states: “Unable to send enrollment emails, please verify location configuration”
  • Updated Corporate Billing Statement for Club (OE tier) to display drill-downs into the Invoice Details.


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