Release Notes for February 7th, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

  • Fit Pass
    • 30 Day Trial has been rebranded as Fit Pass.
      • Added new banners, navigation link, and copy for the website.
      • Updated check-out workflow that now requires electronic signing of Membership Terms & Conditions and Club Usage agreements.
      • Upon completion of sign-up, Fit Passers are automatically entered into the system as prospects and sent copies of their signed agreements.
    • Automatic Renewal
      • A new feature included with Fit Pass is automatic renewal of their membership at the end of the trial period.
        • Upon sign-up, Fit Passers are provided with an email linking to a Cancellation page, where they can end their trial and prevent automatic renewal.
          • If they do cancel, they will retain door access until the end of their trial.
    • New eligibility rules have been put in place that replace 30 Day Trial rules.
      • Active Members are not eligible for Fit Pass
      • Active prospects are not eligible for Fit Pass
      • Age Requirement: 21 Years or Older
      • Local, year-round residents only    
        • This validates based on the club state matching the state in the address provided by the member.   
      • TWO Per Household     
        • Check for any Fit Passes signed up within the last year matching the: address, city, state, and postal code
        • Change: Allow 2 per household.
      • 13 Month Rolling Window     
        • A member may sign up for a Fit Pass once every 13 months.
  • Online Enrollment
    • Updated check-out workflow that now requires electronic signing of Membership Terms & Conditions and Club Usage agreements.
    • Upon completion of check out, member is emailed a link containing pdfs of their signed documents and a link to claim their Member Account profile.
    • Members will be billed their monthly recurring membership dues on their signup anniversary date.
    • The first month’s Membership Dues will be collected on sign-up.
      • Dues at Sign-up will be reimbursed on the follow month’s corporate billing statement in addition to their program/enrollment fee.
  • Updated various copy across the site.



  • Brand new in-club sign up experience via iPad and new Snap Fitness app is now available!
    • Features
      • Guest Waiver
        • Guests can sign their visitation waiver via the tablet and be automatically emailed a link containing their signed document for their records.
      • In-club Sign-up
        • New members can complete the entire sign-up process via the tablet app.
          • Available plans: Single, Joint, Family
          • Can process payment.
          • Sign Membership Terms & Conditions and Club Usage agreements on-site.
            • If secondaries or family members are not on-site to sign, a reminder email can be sent directly to their email for completion online.
      • Electronic Agreement Signature Capture
        • Displays the terms of an agreement and captures signatures that were requested by Fitware.



  • Fit Pass Updates
    • Changes to Fit Pass Prospect Member rules:
      • Clubs can not freeze a Fit Pass prospect before their trial period is finished.
      • Clubs can terminate a Fit Pass early, but prospect will go into early termination status set for the end of their trial period.
        • During this period, the prospect will retain door access.
      • Freeze and Change Status options will be hidden in the interface.
  • Added new pages to Fitware:
    • Customers > Unsigned Signatures
      • List of all members that have pending documents to be signed.
    • Settings > Tablet Registration
      • Your tablet’s Access Code, Username, and Password will be visible here.
      • Stand installation guide.
      • Link to installation instruction pdf.
  • Updated existing pages in Fitware:
    • Member Info > Document List
      • Pending & signed electronic agreements reside here.
      • If unsigned, a request to sign via the tablet or sending a reminder via email will be available.
      • If signed, a link to view the pdf will be available.
    • Member Info
      • Link to ‘View Contract’ takes the user to Document List page.
  • Misc. Reporting Changes
    • The “Month” Parameter has been replaced with “From Date” and “To Date” parameters, defaulted to 1st of the month for From Date and the current date for “To Date”
    • Added “New Members To Include” parameter, which has New Add, Rejoin and Transfer In as available options. By default, all 3 are checked.


Member Account

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally displayed the wrong member start date.
  • Fixed a display bug affecting how the last 4 digits on credit cards were displaying only *’s.
  • Updated verbiage surrounding ‘username’ to now be ‘login email’.
  • Updated a bug that prevented Fitware status from automatically flipping to ‘ok’ after successfully processing a payment while on ‘delinquent’ or  ‘pending delinquent’ statuses.
  • Fixed issue in which some clubs were not on the Transfer Club drop-down list.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally showed the full amount due from an invoice, instead of a remaining amount if a partial payment was made towards the balance.
  • Updated ‘Recover Login Email’ workflow.
  • Updated ‘Recover Password’ workflow.
  • Various UI and text changes.


Member Engager

  • Updates to sort order for scheduled/completed emails and template versions list.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes displayed the wrong time zone for certain clubs. Time should now be displayed on appropriate local time.


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