Release Notes for February 21st, 2017

Andrea Hellquist -

02/07/2017 Release Notes==============================================



  • Electronic Agreements are now live for the UK!
  • Various updates to the LT Network version of site to bring its Online Enrollment workflow to be inline with the USA & CAN’s version.
    • Nearly identical to USA/CAN version except UK has an additional Privacy Policy agreement.



  • The tablet for UK is now live!
  • Nearly identical to USA/CAN version except UK has an additional Privacy Policy agreement.



  • Fixed a bug that would display documents in Unsigned Document page for signups who failed to complete the signup process due to an error in detecting the isDeleted flag.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly saved Online Enrollment and Fit Pass agreements as Reciprocal when they should have been Anniversary.
  • Updated agreement preview feature on Contract Configuration to use local language, date format, and currency symbols.
  • Updated the Fitware Sign Up workflow to prevent receipt emails from being sent until after payment is successfully processed.
    • Should help prevent an issue where in some cases members were able to see unfinalized agreements during the checkout process.
  • Added ability for Corporate users to see the ‘Send Signature Request Reminder to Email’ option immediately, instead of having to click on ‘Send to Tablet’ first.
  • Updated the Fitware Sign Up process to ensure that electronic agreements and receipt emails are successfully sent, even if a club doesn’t agree to the Tablet Terms & Conditions and EULA.
  • Added a ‘Feature Currently Unavailable’ blocker on the Tablet Registration page for territories that have yet to be configured for tablet functionality.
    • Should help cut down on accidental tablet registrations from curious owners.


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