How to Sign Up a Member on Anniversary Billing

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How to Sign Up a Member on Anniversary Billing


Signing up a member with anniversary billing in Fitware is the same steps you use for signing up a member for 1st of the month billing right now in Fitware.


  1. Go to Customers --> Sign up--> New Member in Fitware

Membership Details


  1. Anniversary billing only works on reciprocal memberships. Therefore, first you will select your Plan Category of Reciprocal.


  1. You will next have the option of selecting the Billing Frequency, this is where you can either select monthly, fortnightly or weekly. When selecting monthly, your member will be billed once a month.  When selecting fortnightly your member will be billed every 14 days, and when selecting weekly your member will be billed every 7 days.


  1. Once you select your billing frequency you will need to select your Plan. For anniversary billing you will want to make sure you select the option of your choice that says it is for anniversary billing. If you do not select an option with anniversary billing, then the member will automatically be billed on the 1st of the month.

5. You will then select the Term of the membership. If you select Month to Month there will be no end date on the membership, but if you select a value between 1 – 48 months there will be an end date on the membership agreement.


  1. Next, you will want to verify your Start Date and choose your Date of Next Payment. When selecting your date of next payment, you will be choosing what day of the month the member would like their automatic payment to come out of their bank account or credit card every month moving forward. For example, if you were to select February 13th as your next date of payment then the member’s automatic payment will come out on the 13th of every month.


  1. Finally, you will select your Program Fee, Membership Dues and Dues at Sign up. Program Fee: This is set from a default value. It can be raised or lowered as desired (but only within set limits). Membership Dues: This is set from a default value. It represents the amount of the regular, recurring membership dues. It can be adjusted up or down as desired (but only within set limits). Dues at Sign Up: This is the amount (if any) collected from the member at time of sign-up. It represents the payment of their initial dues. The system automatically calculates this amount by prorating the dues by the number of days remaining in the billing period. This value can be raised, lowered, or zeroed out, as desired (but only within set limits).




Once you have entered all the information, click Next at the lower-right portion of the screen, and you will be taken to the Member Information page.


Member Information   

Shown below is a typical example on how a Member Information screen would be filled out for a Single membership:


  • Required fields are clearly marked with a red asterisk (*).
  • It is highly recommend that as much of the optional information as possible be entered also.
  • Payment Method is required, and is a particularly important field. Use the drop-down selector to enter a bank account, credit card details, or some other payment method. You cannot save this membership until you have added a payment method.


After you have entered all information, follow the instructions below to complete the process.


  1. Save and Check Out


  1. Click Save at the very bottom-right part of the screen.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message. Click OK.
  3. Click Check Out at the far-right side of the screen.


Shopping Cart      

After entering a new membership, the Shopping Cart will appear similar to the following:



  • The sign-up fee and initial dues (if any) are displayed in the Shopping Cart.
  • Click Check Out at the lower-right corner.


Check Out      


  1. The Check Out screen will look like this:



  1. Click Add Payment Method in the upper-right corner. You will see the following screen:





  1. Select the payment method at the left, and enter the amount paid. In the example

      below, we have chosen cash:



  1. Click Save and Close.
  2. Click



 Payment Receipt      


  1. You will receive the Payment Receipt, which looks like this:
  2. Click the print icon in the menu bar at the top if you wish to print the receipt.
  3. Click Finish in the lower-right corner when done.
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