Club Configuration Training Document

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Club Configuration Training Document

1. To access the club configuration page you will need to log into your club side
of Fitware -> Settings -> Club Configuration


2. Click on the blue Membership Terms and Conditions box.

3. Please read the terms of use at the top and go through each section and fill

When you click on either the Membership Agreement Document and
Club Usage Terms icon it will bring up what the standard agreements
will look like. **Only the primary member on an account will need to
sign the membership agreement document. The primary member and
any secondary members on the membership will need to sign the Club
Usage Terms document. **

Below is a description on what each section on the club configuration means. The
values or amounts you enter in for these section are what will reflect on your
electronic membership agreement.

Business Registration Number: This is your business (non U.S.) or health club/spa
registration number (required in some states, but not all). This number will appear
on your agreement.
Franchisee Business Name: This is the legally registered name of your Franchisee
Corporation of LLC Business.
Bond Surety/Bank Name: If you are required to post a bond in your state, insert
your Bond Surety or Bank Name.
Bond Surety/Bank Address: If you are required to post a bond in your state, insert
your Bond Surety or Bank Address.
Bond Surety Amount: If you are required to post a bond in your state, insert the
Early Cancellation Fee: This fee is charged if a member is signed under a 12-month
agreement and cancels early.
Cancellation Notice Days: This is the number of days’ members have to cancel
their agreement without penalty (typically between 3 and 10 days). Check with
your local governing agency.
Minimum Age: This is the minimum age you will permit members to work out in
your gym with no adult supervision (no younger than 16 years).
Freeze Fee: The monthly processing fee you charge for a frozen membership
(typically $3 to $7 per month).
Decline Fee: This fee is charged to the member each month that their payment
defaults, also known as NSF fee.
Age Consideration Adult: Age at which a member is considered an adult member.
Age for Own Access Card: Age at which a non-adult member can have their own
access card.
Age for Tanning Access: Age at which a member is allowed tanning access.
Club Opening Date: If you club is not yet open and you plan to offer pre-sales,
insert the date your club will open.
4. Once you finish filling in all of the required fields please click the ‘Save’ icon
on the bottom right of the form.

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